The web development in Kiev


  • Site-card from the 299 $.
  • Corporate website of the 799 $.
  • Online Shop from 999 $.

Stock gifts

  • Indefinite action!
  • When ordering from the 1500 USD - 5% discount on all services on promotion and advertising.


  • What are the terms of development?

On average, website development takes from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the technical complexity of the task.

Our services

Web design

  • Adaptive design
  • Brand recognition
  • Design online store
  • The design of the corporate website
  • Landing page

Web development

  • Site-card
  • Landing page
  • Corporate website
  • Shop Online
  • News site

Online Store

  • Design and Architecture
  • Modern design
  • Start search engine optimization
  • Further promotion and advertising
  • Building a marketing strategy
  • Education since. support

Landing Page

  • Rapid development
  • Responsive design
  • High Conversion
  • Education and support
  • Building a campaign


  • Help in choosing and registering a domain name
  • Set website hosting
  • Project Support
  • Changing the functional expansion of the site

SEO and context

  • Develop advertising strategy
  • Customize the content
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Promotion Search Sisem

Recent projects

Good site

Website Development is often a closed, confusing process for the customer. Getting ready site - You may not realize how it works. And it would seem - why to think, because everything works, the site opens... But, the difference is often huge!

If You are unlucky, and the site is unprofessional, You will encounter a number of problems, and pay bills have You again. Sometimes cheaper and easier the site is to rewrite from scratch than to modify and Supplement existing unnecessary code. Even more tragic, if the error inherent in the very architecture of the project and during the work has already gathered a lot of data, registered users, the money spent on the promotion in search engines...

Why choose us

  • We offer modern responsive design for Your projects, a recognizable logo, create the necessary multimedia materials for the website.
  • We do not use a free CMS (content management Systems), and for large projects writing a backend from scratch for your project. In the end, Your sites will easily overtake competitors on the speed and flexibility of the structure.
  • In the architecture we build principles of SEO (search engine optimization) - this gives good indexing and easy for the further promotion in search engines
  • We use object-oriented programming methodology - this will give you the ability to easily modify the project in the future, to extend the functionality or change the architecture of the project
  • We provide full health project, install a website hosting produced by the primary filling content and provide 3 months free technical support.
  • At Your request, develop a strategy to promote Your business online